Welcome to an elevated alteration experience where an old world trade meets a modern staff.

To book your consultation there is a $100.00 pinning fee (one time only) , which  is our fee that goes towards all the times we meet with you for your appointments and pin the gown.  

At the first appointment, one of our seamstresses will see you in your gown and give you a quote of what it will cost to have your gown altered at Tailoredinwhite. 

We will walk you through our process here at Tailoredinwhite, review all our information, and schedule the next appointments. You will be required to pay upfront before the alterations are started on the garment.

Our show room is small and we have limited seating, during your appointments it’s important that we have your most undivided attention due to the fact that our scheduled fitting times are the only times we see you in the gown. 

With your fitting times scheduled please arrive on time so we can use the full scheduled time of your appointment to pin successfully. 

If you arrive late, your appointment will be cut short or canceled and this can increase the number of fittings you will need. 

If you lose or gain any weight in the time between final fitting and final pickup there is a quick turnaround for small adjustments to make the gown fit like a glove.  Final alterations are also included in your first quote and won't be additional  charges. 

Let's make magic happen! 

Here’s a few things to note before you come in:

All you need to bring is your gown and your beautiful self. If you have your shoes and undergarments, please feel free to bring them with you. If you haven’t found the perfect ones quite yet, that’s okay as well. You will have plenty of time to get them during the tailoring process.

Appointments run between 30 minutes to an hour and we ask that arrive at your scheduled time. 

We do have a small showroom so we kindly ask that you keep your party to a maximum of two people.